Several of you have been asking why there has not been a blog post of late. Well, I took a full-time job last year as a BI Analyst, so my time has been limited; however, there are so many exciting things happening in the ‘tech universe’, I could wait no longer.  Needless to say, it’s great to be back!

Microsoft is ready to unveil SQL Server 2016, and the changes to SSRS are set to be major. In fact, if you are in the Jacksonville area on April 20th, Brad Gall is speaking at JSSUG on ‘What’s New in Reporting Service 2016’; for more info, click the link at the end of this blog.  And Power BI……the Power BI team has put out new features on a monthly basis.  In fact, the landscape of Power BI has changed so dramatically over the past 7 months, you would be amazed.

My last blog left off with the promise of exploring Part 3 on Power BI; but things have changed so drastically with Power BI, the courses we were set to explore are obsolete for the most part. There have been 13 monthly updates in Power BI Desktop alone; check out the link at the bottom.

So you see, unless you’re following Microsoft directly or watching the newest Pragmatic Works free ‘Training on the T’s’; it’s a race to keep up with the technology. How fun is that!  Well that leads me to more good news; SQL Saturday Jacksonville is happening next month, May 7th, on the campus of University of North Florida.  I have included a link with information; it is a free, full day of technical training.  You will definitely want to sign up and spend the day with us.

There will be 9 different tracks, with over 40 sessions; and there will be 3 Pre-Conference sessions on Friday, May 6th.  The Pre-Con sessions will cost you a little money, but it is well worth the price!    The  3 Pre-Cons are:

-A Day of DBA Fundamentals: Install, Maintenance Plans and Security

– A Day of Azure

-Introduction to Data Science

If you can’t make a Pre-Con session on Friday, definitely sign up for SQL Saturday, it is totally free. Should you be able to attend SQL Saturday, I hope you will consider attending my session at 10:15 entitled: ‘From Non-Technical to Fully Employed Technical:  The Road Less Traveled’.

It’s hard to believe that since beginning my technical journey 6 years ago, I now have the privilege to speak at the same SQL Saturday that started me on my journey to technical. I hope you’ll consider joining me on May 7th as we continue becoming ‘technical’ together.  Until next time!

Jacksonville SQL Server User Group (JSSUG)

SQL Saturday Jacksonville

Power BI Updates

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