Excel 2013 Standalone Version and the Power Map Dilemma

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Power Map

For those of you who have the standalone version of Excel 2013 (or Office 2013 Professional Plus), you had the option to download and add in the Power Map Preview for Excel 2013.  But after May 30, 2014, you might have noticed that your Power Map plug-in no longer functioned; because the preview period expired.  But don’t worry as there is a way to get it up and running again, for free!

A Little Background

In February, 2014 with the advent of Office Service Pack 1 for Office 2013 (and Sharepoint 2013), Microsoft announced that Power Map would no longer be a preview add-in.  Now Power Map would be native to Excel; but only for Office 365 Pro Plus customers. Well that’s great news but it’s not helping my Excel 2013 standalone!

Quick Solution

Here’s what you do; uninstall Power Map Preview from your computer’s ‘Programs and Features’ on the Control Panel.  Then click this link to download and install the Preview again from Microsoft.  Voila!  You are back in business with Power Map.

To read more information about Power Map expiration click here.  To watch a tutorial on Power Map, click here.  Regarding Office 364 and its price changes coming in October, 2104; we’ll talk more about that later.  For right now, this fix should get you back in the game with Power Map.  Until next time!

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